Court fines Windsor man for illegal work on Toronto home
Ontario College of Trades investigation led to charge

The Ontario College of Trades (the College) charged Ryan Michael James Parent after a Toronto couple contacted the College expressing concern about work that was being done in their home by an individual who claimed to be an electrician. Court was told that a College enforcement officer responded to the couple’s inquiry and determined that Parent did not have the required Certification of Qualification (C of Q) for the trade of electrician.

In Ontario there are 22 trades designated as compulsory, which means an individual must have the necessary training and qualifications before he or she can do the work. As a result of evidence presented by the College to the Provincial Offences court in Toronto on January 28, 2015, Parent was fined for engaging in the practice of a compulsory trade without certification.

The Ontario College of Trades is mandated to protect the public interest by ensuring that individuals working in compulsory trades have the required training and certification to do the work.

“Families in Ontario should feel safe in their homes, and that includes being confident that the person performing important electrical work or any other compulsory trade is legally certified,” said David Tsubouchi, CEO and Registrar of the Ontario College of Trades.

“It is an important safety measure that the public and businesses confirm the qualifications of tradespeople they are hiring to do the work of a compulsory trade,” said Bob Onyschuk, Director of Compliance and Enforcement for the Ontario College of Trades.

Compulsory trades also include such trades as plumbers and automotive service technicians.

“Before you hire a plumber, electrician or take your car in to get fixed, check the College’s free public register and with a click of a mouse you can find out if the person is qualified,” added Onyschuk. A full list of Ontario’s 22 compulsory trades is also available on the website www.collegeoftrades.ca

To learn more about the Ontario College of Trades or access the public registry, please visit www.collegeoftrades.ca. Follow us on Twitter @collegeoftrades.


The Ontario College of Trades is winding down as the government takes action to modernize the skilled trades and apprenticeship system.

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