Ontario College of Trades to modernize ratio review process

Ministry of Labour seeks comment on proposed regulation

The Ministry of Labour and the Ontario College of Trades continue to work together to implement recommendations stemming from Tony Dean’s review, Supporting a Strong and Sustainable Ontario College of Trades (the Dean Review). The Ministry of Labour is consulting on a possible extension of the ratio review process in order to allow the Ontario College of Trades time to determine how best to implement recommendations from the Dean Review regarding ratio reviews.

With implementation of most of the Dean Review recommendations already well underway, the College can now prioritize its work on journeyperson-to-apprentice ratio reviews. To enable that, the Ministry of Labour is consulting on a proposal to extend the College’s initiation of the next round of ratio reviews by 12 months. The notice can be found here on the government’s Regulatory Registry: http://www.ontariocanada.com/registry/view.do?postingId=26407&language=en.

The College began the work needed to implement the Dean recommendations related to ratios in early 2017 with an initial consultation, hearing from over 150 stakeholders and receiving over 2,400 survey responses to an online survey and plans to conduct further consultations over the coming months. The College has also initiated work internally related to data collection and a policy and evaluation framework which will be used to enhance the process.

“Since the release of the Dean Review the College has been working hard to implement many of its 31 recommendations as well as other requirements that followed in Bill 70, including the creation of a new Compliance and Enforcement Policy,” said George Gritziotis, CEO and Registrar of the College. “By taking the extra time to examine the criteria, consult with stakeholders and modernize the ratio review process, we will ensure Ontario continues to be the best and safest place for skilled tradespeople to work in the world.”

The Dean Review made eight recommendations – including greater collaboration, communication and use of data – for the next round of ratio reviews. These priorities are consistent with the College’s objective of becoming a more modern regulator as expressed in its new Strategic Plan and 2018 Priorities.

Those interested in providing feedback to the extension of the ratio review process may do so through the Ontario Government’s Regulatory Registry: http://www.ontariocanada.com/registry/view.do?postingId=26407&language=en or by email: octaa.feedback@ontario.ca.