Ontario College of Trades observes the Day of Mourning

Toronto, ON (April 28, 2018) — The College joins many from across Ontario, Canada and the globe in recognizing the Day of Mourning — a day to commemorate workers who have been injured, disabled or lost their lives at their place of work or from exposures inherent to their occupation. We also think about the families affected by those tragedies.

Approximately 1,000 Canadian workers lose their lives on the job each year, while hundreds of thousands more are injured or made ill; these workplace-related deaths are preventable. It’s hard to believe that with targeted regulations and modern advancements in training, technology and resources, our workplaces, including skilled trades job sites, still pose a danger for people. We must strive to do better.

Raising awareness is vital and that’s why the College encourages workplaces across the province to take an active role in promoting health and safety as a vibrant part of workplace culture. Working together, all of us — employers, workers, regulators, government and the public — have a role to play in ensuring that our hard-working skilled trades professionals’ return home safely after every shift.

For the public, hiring qualified tradespersons will contribute towards safer workplaces by having work done by those who have the education, training, experience, technical and safety competence. The College and its members understand that cutting corners does not make for a safe work environment. That’s why we ask our members to apply their knowledge and training in working safely. They understand the value in remaining current in the standards of practice of their trade and in recognizing their limitations.

Today and every day, we pay tribute to all tradespersons’ dedication and work by continuing to promote the trades and protecting the interests of certified skilled workers in Ontario. On behalf of the Ontario College of Trades, we would like to thank tradespeople for their commitment and service to all Ontarians and take the time to remember the thousands of workers, and their families, who have been impacted by work-related incidents.

George Gritziotis                                                          Don Gosen
Registrar and CEO                                                         Chair