Ontario College of Trades compliance and enforcement team ramping up efforts for 2018 construction season

Toronto, ON, April 10, 2018 – The Ontario College of Trades is launching enhanced efforts to protect the public and its members through strategic compliance and enforcement inspections in the construction sector to coincide with the start of increased building and renovation activity during the spring and summer months. Inspections will be consistent with the College’s new compliance and enforcement policy with a particular focus on high-risk workplaces and work activity in the underground economy as well as the protection of vulnerable workers.

These targeted inspections will be supported by information exchanges with other regulators to assist in the identification of potential higher-risk workplaces and sites.

“Ontarians should feel confident that when someone is hired to work on their home or public spaces that the work is being done by qualified and certified skilled trades professionals,” said George Gritziotis, the College’s CEO and Registrar. “As the provincial regulator of skilled trades, we are working to ensure that compulsory trade work in high risk of harm activities are performed by qualified individuals.”

As part of the implementation of the new compliance and enforcement policy, the College has equipped its officers with enhanced training, tools and support to ensure they are able to deliver more targeted, consistent and transparent inspections to bring employers and workers into compliance. This targeted, risk-based approach to compliance and enforcement will include select officers dedicated to the construction sector.

In addition to ensuring employers and workers are in compliance, officers will also assist with the educational component of compliance and enforcement, including providing information about the functions of the College. Statistical data will also be collected to help inform future compliance and enforcement work and help the College focus its efforts strategically.

The College’s compliance and enforcement activities in other sectors will not be impacted and will continue during this time.

In the coming months, the College will be announcing similar strategic compliance and enforcement initiatives focusing on the College’s other sectors.

The College encourages anyone about to hire a tradesperson to search its online Public Register (www.collegeoftrades.ca) to verify their credentials by searching their name or College membership number.

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Tracey Shepherd
Senior Bilingual Communications Officer