Since Canada’s inception in 1867, our skilled trades professionals have provided crucial and invaluable services. There’s no question the impact tradespeople have on our daily lives – from our roads and buildings – tradespeople have literally built up our country.

Be a part of some of Canada’s most iconic buildings and structures.

Keep the band and festival-goers fuelled at Ontario’s coolest music festivals.

Be a part of the action in Ontario’s film and television industry.

Get to see the results of your hard work every day.

Help keep Ontario moving in one of the motive power trades.

  • There are many skilled trades careers to choose from (over 150!) – so no matter what you’re into, there’s a trade for you.
  • The future of Ontario’s economy depends on the province’s tradespeople
  • It is estimated that by the year 2025 Ontario could face a shortfall of 364,000 workers.
  • Experts suggest that a trades-oriented education is a clear path towards a well-paying career.
  • An apprenticeship is a form of post-secondary education.
  • Apprenticeships let you take a hands-on approach to learning a skilled trade, with only about 10% of your time spent in a classroom.
  • In doing an apprenticeship, you’ll be opening the door to a rewarding and stable career.
  • Apprenticeship provides access to well-paying jobs that demand a high level of skill judgement and creativity.
  • Apprentices are paid while they gain work experience, so you can complete your apprenticeship debt-free.
  • There are lots of financial supports, including grants and loans, available for registered apprentices.
  • A trades certificate can serve as a launch pad for all kinds of opportunities–management, training and owning your own business.
  • Holding your skilled trades certification is your ticket to success, and could allow you to work across Canada.
  • Most trades pay quite well in comparison to other occupations. In many trades the average earnings are above the national average income.
  • Skilled trades require skills. Lots of trades require advanced math, science and problem-solving skills.